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So excited that this chapter of my life is officially OVER and I wanted to share my resources with you all. I can honestly say that I started studying in May and passed both test in September. I did plenty of questions... Read More

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    Where is the ANCC test banK? I have not noticed it on their site. I did get two small books by Mometrix that was supposed to be ANCC exam tips, but I found errors in the first one I looked at early on and have not used them. Are these what you mean or is there another bank of tests so to speak?

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    Go to ANCC website, choose "knowledge center", then "education", then "online courses" then "certification/online learning". Not the easiest site to navigate but good info.
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    I passed the ANCC-FNP board exam today. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was one who read this post and followed the majority of it, and I think it really did help me pass!
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    BY THE WAY...

    If you want to know what I did in particular to pass:

    1) Leik FNP Certification: Intensive Review
    2) Barkley's Live Course Review, listened to the CDs, and read through the manual.
    3) Kellerman's Necessary NP 1000 Questions
    4) FamilyNPprep.com 15-test bundle

    Additionally, I also bought the ANCC FNP practice test questions and the test-taking strategies course.

    I think added up altogether, these materials really helped me pass this exam. As well as positive thinking, and prayers. (I asked many of my family members, close friends, and a few priests I knew, to pray for me. haha) I thank God for all my successes!!!
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    I took the AANP AGNP exam Sept 25 and passed it. I put a lot of work into preparing for it. Plus several were saying prayers for me too!! Thanks to them. Glad that is over!
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    lisswatas, thank you for your list!

    Kellerman Necessary NP 1000 questions was the book or at website, the site is expensive~
    It will be worthed to pay for ANCC questions?
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    fitzgerald was pretty good. i just took the course since it was required and also used her reviewbook. book was outdated but they still worked well
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    Hello everyone!!
    It's been a while since I check this thread. I am so happy to hear of all the success with passing both AANP & ANCC exams. I am so very excited and proud of you all. Now off to caring & treated these patients that we read so much about. I am so happy to have been of help to you all. I just had to share the resources that helped me to get through that stage in my career. Many blessings to you all.

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