NYU's FNP May 2012

  1. Hey!

    Has anyone applied to NYU's new FNP program for the summer (May 2012)?
    If, so I was wondering if they wanted to share they're background and if they had any info on the program!
    I applied to the full time program and was told we would get a decision within two weeks of the deadline, which is March 1st.

    Hopefully we can use this forum to find out if we get in together and meet some people in the class applying!
    Any info is appreciated!

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  3. by   Esnooopy
    Hi! I applied for full time as well. I'd only seen that we would get a response within 3-6 weeks of submitting the application, where did you hear the 2 weeks thing (hooray!)?

    As for my background, I got my BSN from NYU in '98, and have worked mostly in inpatient medicine. I also have a year experience in labor and delivery and am enrolled in an online lactation course with the hope to eventually become a lactation consultant. What about you?
  4. by   Esnooopy
    ps - when did you finish your application? I wanted to have mine in early, and then ended up hitting "submit" last Saturday... but I called them to confirm they'd received my transcripts and the one rec letter that had been sent by mail, and they still hadn't received the letter! Long story short, even though I'd tried to have everything in well before the deadline, my entire package wasn't complete until March 1st. Hopefully this won't work against me...
  5. by   Esnooopy
    anyone? bueller?
  6. by   Burnshdp
    I actually submitted my application in December, I think it was the next day after they posted it...The reason being I was actually all set to apply to NYU's Psych NP Program before they started the FNP Program.I don't think it'll work against you because its on a rolling basis. My first choice has always been FNP though. I called them today and she told me they are only accepting 20 students!!! That is crazy, so Im not sure how many students applied due to tuition and it being a new program. But she told me that was what she heard last. She also informed me that they are trying to get out decisions as soon as possible so may even start sending them via email so people can make decisions quicker! I am really surprised with only 20 students being accepted that seems a little low to me.
    Im really nervous though checking the mail and email everyday! Let me know if any good news comes your way!!
    As for me background wise, I graduated from NYU in January 2011 and have worked in the Burn ICU for 8 months and am currently working in Acute Psych right now in South Carolina so it'll be a big move once again to the big apple, but this time with my husband;0)
  7. by   Esnooopy
    wow - 20 students?!?! yikes!!! i'd been feeling very optimistic, but now i don't know *what* to think!! *bites nails*

    that is great that you got your app in so early. i first learned that the program was in the works last year - actually, it may have been a year ago today. i saw someone i remembered from NYU at the health fair at my kids' school, she is now faculty there and told me they were starting up an FNP program. at that point i was expecting it to start in summer 2011, and for a while was watching the website like a hawk. i'd even supposedly been put on a list of people who'd get an email when the program was approved, but that email never came and in january i checked the site and saw it was approved and they were taking applications.

    well i wish you luck - i hope soon we are meeting up in class! ps congrats on your nuptials!
  8. by   Esnooopy
    Burnshdp, have you heard anything? I called yesterday and asked if they had an estimate on when they'd be letting people know and she said a month after the deadline! which means two more weeks to wait..... maybe since your app was so early you'll hear sooner?
  9. by   Burnshdp
    Nope haven't heard anything yet...it seems like they give everyone a different answer! I'm so an anxious though at this point I just want to know! I'll let you know when I hear something. I don't even know if it's going to be email or post?!?
  10. by   Esnooopy
    i certainly hope email. i mean, the application is online so it would be sort of absurd for the acceptance to be by mail, yk? i'm anxious too, i can't imagine in your case having to move and everything! when they told you two weeks, do you know who said it, specifically? i just called the more general College of Nursing number and asked (because i was starting to obsess based on your 2-week guideline!).... i was tempted to specifically contact G.W. (asst director for grad students affairs and admissions) but didn't want to out myself as being a nudge
  11. by   Esnooopy
    I just got an acceptance email!!! Have u heard anything?
  12. by   Burnshdp
    Congratulations!!! Nothing yet..did they just email you??? Did you apply to the part time or full time program??
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  13. by   Esnooopy
    Yes I got the email this evening - I applied for full time. I hope you get good news soon!!!!!
  14. by   Burnshdp
    Do you think they probably sent them all out at once or you think they will send them out in bunches...Also, I called today and she said we would find out towards the end of this week if not early next week...what do you think do I still have a chance?!?!