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Hey! Has anyone applied to NYU's new FNP program for the summer (May 2012)? If, so I was wondering if they wanted to share they're background and if they had any info on the program! I applied to the full time program and... Read More

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    I haven't read this thread in a while but I just saw your post. I'm so happy for you! I was in New York looking for apartments last week too. Luckily, I'm looking for a studio though so we're not competing for the same place. Did you end up being able to register for classes? I got an email on Friday that explained how to register via Albert and gave the course numbers for our summer classes. I registered on Monday and it went through with no problems. Let me know if you need any help with it. I think you need the email from Gail first though because I had a hold on my registration until after I got the email.

    Good luck on the apartment search. I didn't find anything when I went last week so I'm going to stay in the dorms for the summer and look again closer to the fall. I don't know much about where to stay since I'm coming for Massachusetts but maybe esnooopy can help. She's our resident NYC expert.

    I will definitely see you at orientation on the 9th. I booked my train this morning, in fact. I don't know when you are getting to NY, but I'm coming in on the afternoon of the 8th. Maybe the three of us could get together for coffee or something beforehand. That way we'll only need to meet 17 new people at orientation.

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    burnshdp!!!!! hooray!!!! for some reason allnurses stopped sending me updates on posts, so i didn't see this but luckily jen did and told me the great news! that is so exciting!!!

    we got a bunch of info last week(??? - everything's a blur), including how to register. so last weekend i registered for classes. they tell you specifically which ones to register for, and how. but for now if you go here: <http://www.nyu.edu/registrar/listings/> and then do the "click here" thing, then you can click through to 2011-2012 (it confuses me that summer session is part of this year and not the beginning of next year!) and click summer and nursing-grad and you'll see the details on the courses. they're:
    nurse-gn 2005 intro stats health profs
    nurse-gn 2060 mental health across the lifespan
    nurse-gn 2303 research in nursing

    also have you filled out the fafsa form for financial aid yet? i did the one for 2012-2013 but didn't realize until jen pointed it out that i need to do the one for this year for the summer. then there's also some special nyu-summer-financial aid form. i'm now in the middle of working on my fafsa form for this year but got stuck and need to find more info (i'm not organized enough to know what was going on on my taxes in 2010).

    let me know if you'd consider living in brooklyn, you might be able to save a little $$ i think.

    i am definitely going to be at orientation. i can't wait! see you there!

    btw, my email is ellen.sande@gmail.com . feel free to email me with real estate questions or anything else! and congratulations!!!

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    ps! i am all for coffee on the 8th! it depends what time though, but if it's early enough it's a possibility. i'd have to be back in my neighborhood by 3, unless i try to call in some favors and i'm already calling them in so that i can go to the orientation
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    Hey! So i was able to register with no problems! Im excited we have Tuesday and Friday off! I'm actually looking for maybe a Part time or PRN job?? If you guys know of anything definitely let me know!! About the financial aid stuff...same here...if I didn't call I wouldn't have known that there was a special form that needed to be filled out! But they told me that they send out all nursing financial aid together so hopefully we get it soon so we can go ahead and pay our summer bills which are already up!
    I am definitely up for coffee! I'll email you nursejen07....I also stopped getting emails with updates from this website!
    Stats is not a favorite for me at all so this should be an interesting summer! I am excited about starting though!!I am actually flying in May 8th in the afternoon and flying out May 10th, so just in town for orientation! We will be moving up the weekend before classes start! I've been looking up apartments like crazy! No luck yet, but the hunts still on! Let me know if you have any suggestions for East Village or anywhere really downtown that would be convenient for NYU!!!

    THanks guys can't wait to meet you soon!!!
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    Hey Burnshdp! Haven't heard anything from you in a while. Did you find an apartment in NYC yet? Let me know if you're still up for coffee or if you'll be too busy looking for apartments/moving/settling in etc. My train gets in around 3p on 5/8 and I'm staying until the 10th. If you can't make it, no worries, we'll meet soon enough on the 9th!

    I already emailed E about it but I just wanted to let you know too, there's a Technical Standards form that Gail included in our orientation reminder email on Friday. The deadline to sign it and fax it back is May 9. They're getting kind of tricky with all these forms. I wish there was just one main To Do list that we could check off as we went.

    Not sure if you have my email address but it's nursejen07@gmail.com

    Talk to you soon!


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