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Hey! Has anyone applied to NYU's new FNP program for the summer (May 2012)? If, so I was wondering if they wanted to share they're background and if they had any info on the program! I applied to the full time program and... Read More

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    It seems like everyone gets a different answer when they call the office, particularly with finding out when they send out emails and stuff. Today she told me they will be sending out letters for the next couple of weeks..but either way yes or no we should be getting an email! Fingers crossed hoping for the best! About the 20 admitted...she told me that when I called but yet again I don't know who to believe there, so we shall see! Good Luck, let us know if you hear anything!

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    May 21st - so soon! They had the summer course schedule up but now it's disappeared (system maintenance i think?) and the *fall* schedule is showing! which is where the more exciting stuff comes along (for me anyway - research and statistics aren't quite as juicy to me as "advanced physical assessment across the life span" etc.


    good luck efabian! and keep us posted!
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    anyone willing to ask again about how many spots they're going to have? i'm kind of curious if the number 20 is still accurate. i don't want to call because i'm too paranoid that they'll know it's me and wonder why i'm asking if i'm already in.

    burns & efabian, keep us posted! i hope you get some good end-of-the-week news.
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    Thanks! I can't wait till May! I applied for the full time program. I went to school at Arizona State and graduated in 2007. I worked in a LTAC facility for about a year and a half, doing chronic vents and woundvacs and all that fun stuff, and have been on a medical/geri-psych floor since then. Right now I live in central Mass, so it's not too far of a move for me. The idea of finding an apartment in NYC, though, is kind of nerve-wracking. I'm debating just taking on-campus housing for the summer term and putting off apartment hunting until I know more what I'm looking for. Did either of you live on-campus for undergrad? I haven't lived in a dorm since I was 18 and the thought of it doesn't exactly thrill me.

    Burnshdp and efabian - I hope you get good news soon! The waiting is the worst part! I sent my application in on Feb 27, so I was really close to the deadline. I wonder if that would have something to do with the order they're notifying people? I would think the longer you'd been waiting, the sooner you'd hear, but what the heck do I know?

    Esnooopy - I'll be sure to remind you you said that about Advanced Health Assessment. Say, right around finals time??
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    lol - i will live to regret that comment i'm sure

    i never lived in on-campus housing because i already lived in here. finding an apt in new york from afar seems like it would be a real challenge. are you familiar w the city at all? if so that would make it a little easier but still if you can't check it out in person it would be hard to know what to choose.... i mean, i guess a lot of real estate ads have lots of pics and floor plans, and you can always use google map to see what the commute would be like (train probably easier than car, not sure how parking is on campus).... feel free to ask me for input! if you're single i could see doing on campus housing temporarily so you can get your bearings... would probably make things easier than doing a last minute move?
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    hey guys, any word?

    i was able to confirm, btw, that they are only taking 20 students.

    ps - jen, i was thinking about your housing question and just wanted to add... you probably know this already but NYU campus isn't a campus in the traditional sense. what i mean is, all the nyu buildings are somewhat mixed in with other things. actually, i don't know if they do this anymore but when i was in school they had some students living in a notes! it wasn't even right near the school but there was a shuttle bus. but more likely you'd be in a dorm right in the middle of the washington square "campus", which is more of a hybrid of a campus and a neighborhood.
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    I think I'm probably just going to bite the bullet and find an apartment for May. The price of the dorm is basically the same as a studio so I wouldn't be saving all that much and the thought of living in a dorm is too depressing. They had some pics of the grad student housing on the NYU website. No a/c and the windows don't open! NYC in the summertime with no oxygen (and 8-12 roommates) doesn't sound too appealing. So I'm going to take the train down in a few weeks and try to find a place. I'm going to try to stick close to campus to keep my commute short and sweet - walking distance if possible. I've only been to NY as a tourist so I don't know the area all that well. Figured the village/lower east side seems to be my best bet. Any areas you recommend/think I should avoid?

    Do you know if summer session is just six weeks or if it is the full twelve? I thought it was supposed to be 12 weeks but two of the classes are listed on the registrar site as 6 week classes and the other class isn't listed at all. I figured those aren't our actual classes; they're probably for students in the primary care program. But the class length must be the same, I would think.

    I haven't heard anything back since I sent in my deposit. They actually haven't even cashed my check yet, which is making me a little nervous. I'm hoping the send us our class schedule or orientation info soon. I'm getting antsy!

    Good job finding out about the 20 student class size. I still can't believe that! I guess it'll be good to have individualized attention. Big change from undergrad with a graduating class of 180 or so!
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    i found out - they aren't going to have that theory class at all. they're going to integrate theory within the other courses and instead we're going to do a 3 credit course "mental health across the lifespan". (NYU person who is also a mom with a kid at my kids' school, we saw each other at a school event and i asked questions so we're going to be in stats and research (with students of the other NP specialties) and mental health (and anything we ever take with the phrase "across the lifespan", i presume) will be just the 20 of us.

    the mental health class is wednesdays and thursdays 1:10-3:40, but the thursday class is online(?). when you look at the dates for that one, it conflicts - in the big heading it says both sessions but in the details it says til 8/10 but in the details it says til 6/29. i'm semi-assuming it's just session 1.

    i think village or east village are your first choices.... lower east side is good too but less close and how good the area is probably varies more on a block-to-block level. village/EV are so gentrified by now that if you can manage to afford it you'll be ok. but it's always good to check it out in person.

    if you change your mind and decide to stray further out, the trains nearby are the N/R (at 8th st), the A/B/C/D/F(M?) (at west fourth and/or b'way lafayette).... union square has even more train options (adds the 6 and the L to the mix) and isn't that far a walk (depending on which building you're traveling to).... even the 1 train at christopher street isn't a bad walk, that's what i used to take when i was doing my undergrad. even though i'm a commute away it's so so so much shorter and easier than what i do to get to work, and besides which at this point i consider riding the train without my kids to be a very relaxing endeavor (when i can get a seat!)

    oh and i haven't heard anything since the acceptance. but if they haven't cashed your check i would call and double check on everything. then again, if you emailed acceptance but they didn't get a check from you i'm sure they would have contacted you. gail said we'd be hearing details about orientation etc within the month. oh and btw i don't know if you're trying to get financial aid or what, but i find the whole thing confusing.... i filled out FAFSA but after the deadline. also i found there is a specific place on the NYU website to request financial aid for the summer session, so i filled that out. (i haven't heard anything yet from NYU about this).

    maybe when you are here looking for an apartment we can meet up for coffee!!! no pressure (seriously), i totally understand if you have your hands full and time limited, and i have work and kid schedule limiting me, so it might not work out but if it can that would be nice!
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    So we're going to have two half online/half in-person classes this summer, it seems. The website says Research is online on Thursdays too. It kind of surprises me that the lifespan class is going to be partially online. I wonder if all the lifespan classes are like that. Did they do a lot of hybrid classes when you were in undergrad?

    Thanks for the help with the train stops that are near the school. It'll definitely come in handy when I'm apartment hunting. When I was visiting the school a few months ago I was walking from either Christopher Street or Union Square and they both seemed like okay walks. How far from the school do you live? I'm still trying to get the hang of the subway system. Trying hard not to look like a tourist and not quite pulling it off. I figure as long as I can find my way to class and to my apartment, I can figure out the rest as I go along. Some day I will be brave and get on an express train to find out where, exactly, it is express to.

    Yeah, I'm confused about the financial aid thing too. It's all messed up because we're starting in the summer, so we need a FAFSA for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013. I haven't heard anything about financial aid or even about how much the semester is supp cost. I'm hoping they let us know something pretty soon, especially if the $$ is due before the semester starts.

    We should definitely meet up for coffee when I'm in NY! I'm not sure when I'll be there just yet (I'm still trying to finagle some time off from work) but it'll probably be the end of next week some time. I will let you know as soon as I know.

    If you want, you can email me instead of posting on here. I tried to send you a PM on here but I guess you need to post 30 times or some astronomical number like that before you can use that feature... My email is nursejen07@gmail.com.
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    Hey guys! Wanted to let you know that I got my acceptance letter last week!! I am so excited!!
    I was actually in New York looking at apartments when I got it, so I went ahead and gave my deposit!
    I haven't received anything since then but she told me I should be getting an acceptance packet in the mail this week.
    I was trying to log onto albert to look at classes and register but wasn't able to find it, did you guys already register for classes?? If so how, could you tell me how to do it!
    Im coming back up to NYC for the orientation on May 9th, are both of you going to be there?! Also, who do we talk to regarding classes and how we register?? Were actually looking for apartments in east village, soho, little italy, and basically the lower side of manhattan but its really hard since were looking for a 2 bedroom and super expensive, if you guys know of any good places please share! I can't wait to meet you guys soon!!

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