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Hey! Has anyone applied to NYU's new FNP program for the summer (May 2012)? If, so I was wondering if they wanted to share they're background and if they had any info on the program! I applied... Read More

  1. by   Esnooopy
    They must be doing it in bunches or something. The email didn't come til the end of the business day..... It has links to setting up my online stuff (ID, email), so it must take time to prepare each person's stuff. I hope you hear tomorrow! Who told you later/next week? Remember last week the secretary told me it would be two more weeks, so I don't know if she's an accurate source.
  2. by   Burnshdp
    Hey I was just wondering if you knew anyone else that got in after you?!? I'm still anxiously waiting an checking my email every minute...around what time did you find out?!! Did it say anything about how many ppl are in the class.. I called today and they said they would be sending out acceptances through the week into early next week...heard anything on that?!? I'm soo nervous, praying every minute for an acceptance email!!!!
  3. by   Esnooopy
    I don't know anyone else who applied besides u and me. I just dropped off my deposit and was tempted to bombard them w questions, to try to get u some info, but I didn't interact w anyone who would be in the know so I figured I wouldn't get anything credible. I got my email btwn 5 and 6 pm on Monday. I really hope you hear good news soon!!!!!!
  4. by   nursejen07

    I just got my acceptance to the FNP program too. I'm so excited!! I can't believe they're only taking 20 students? I'm glad I didn't know that while I was waiting. I would've been freaking out! (Even more than I already was...)

    Esnooopy - congrats to you! Looks like we're going to be classmates!

    Burnshdp - I have my fingers crossed for you! I got my email on Monday around 5pm too, but I wouldn't read too much into that. I'm sure it takes a while to put together everyone's individual packages. I hope you hear something soon!
  5. by   Burnshdp
    Congratulations!!! I called them yet again today and they said they are still reviewing applications...so the waiting process still continues, the worse part! If you don't mind be asking what did you apply for part time or full time? also what's your background?!? I hope I get something soon!!!!
  6. by   Esnooopy
    Congrats nursejen!!!! I guess we will be meeting at orientation soon! Do u already live in the area? Did u go to NYU for undergrad? Burnshdp, hang in there! I really hope u get good news really soon and we'll be laughing about all this together at orientation! Please keep us posted!
  7. by   efabian85
    Quote from Burnshdp
    Hey!Has anyone applied to NYU's new FNP program for the summer (May 2012)?If, so I was wondering if they wanted to share they're background and if they had any info on the program!I applied to the full time program and was told we would get a decision within two weeks of the deadline, which is March 1st. Hopefully we can use this forum to find out if we get in together and meet some people in the class applying!Any info is appreciated!Thanks
    Hi, congrats to both of you on your acceptance letters. I applied back and January but the last letter of rec and transcript was just mailed out towards the ending of February I believe. I called this week and they stated that they will be sending out emails beginning next week. I didn't know they were only accepting 20 students that extremely low. If you don't mind me asking when are classes scheduled to begin?
  8. by   Burnshdp
    It seems like everyone gets a different answer when they call the office, particularly with finding out when they send out emails and stuff. Today she told me they will be sending out letters for the next couple of weeks..but either way yes or no we should be getting an email! Fingers crossed hoping for the best! About the 20 admitted...she told me that when I called but yet again I don't know who to believe there, so we shall see! Good Luck, let us know if you hear anything!
  9. by   Esnooopy
    May 21st - so soon! They had the summer course schedule up but now it's disappeared (system maintenance i think?) and the *fall* schedule is showing! which is where the more exciting stuff comes along (for me anyway - research and statistics aren't quite as juicy to me as "advanced physical assessment across the life span" etc.


    good luck efabian! and keep us posted!
  10. by   Esnooopy
    anyone willing to ask again about how many spots they're going to have? i'm kind of curious if the number 20 is still accurate. i don't want to call because i'm too paranoid that they'll know it's me and wonder why i'm asking if i'm already in.

    burns & efabian, keep us posted! i hope you get some good end-of-the-week news.
  11. by   nursejen07
    Thanks! I can't wait till May! I applied for the full time program. I went to school at Arizona State and graduated in 2007. I worked in a LTAC facility for about a year and a half, doing chronic vents and woundvacs and all that fun stuff, and have been on a medical/geri-psych floor since then. Right now I live in central Mass, so it's not too far of a move for me. The idea of finding an apartment in NYC, though, is kind of nerve-wracking. I'm debating just taking on-campus housing for the summer term and putting off apartment hunting until I know more what I'm looking for. Did either of you live on-campus for undergrad? I haven't lived in a dorm since I was 18 and the thought of it doesn't exactly thrill me.

    Burnshdp and efabian - I hope you get good news soon! The waiting is the worst part! I sent my application in on Feb 27, so I was really close to the deadline. I wonder if that would have something to do with the order they're notifying people? I would think the longer you'd been waiting, the sooner you'd hear, but what the heck do I know?

    Esnooopy - I'll be sure to remind you you said that about Advanced Health Assessment. Say, right around finals time??
  12. by   Esnooopy
    lol - i will live to regret that comment i'm sure

    i never lived in on-campus housing because i already lived in here. finding an apt in new york from afar seems like it would be a real challenge. are you familiar w the city at all? if so that would make it a little easier but still if you can't check it out in person it would be hard to know what to choose.... i mean, i guess a lot of real estate ads have lots of pics and floor plans, and you can always use google map to see what the commute would be like (train probably easier than car, not sure how parking is on campus).... feel free to ask me for input! if you're single i could see doing on campus housing temporarily so you can get your bearings... would probably make things easier than doing a last minute move?
  13. by   Esnooopy
    hey guys, any word?

    i was able to confirm, btw, that they are only taking 20 students.

    ps - jen, i was thinking about your housing question and just wanted to add... you probably know this already but NYU campus isn't a campus in the traditional sense. what i mean is, all the nyu buildings are somewhat mixed in with other things. actually, i don't know if they do this anymore but when i was in school they had some students living in a notes! it wasn't even right near the school but there was a shuttle bus. but more likely you'd be in a dorm right in the middle of the washington square "campus", which is more of a hybrid of a campus and a neighborhood.