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NP school interviews

  1. 0 Hi! I apples to Dukes FNP program for fall 2013 and I have anxiously been waiting to see if I got an interview. I was wondering if anyone out there has interviewed an what it was like? Also they said the interviews would be between jan 22-25. Is there still any hope that I could get one with it being so close to those days! I also applied to oklahoma, northeastern colorado and univ of Illinois at Chicago. Any news would be appreciated!!
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    Sorry!! I meant I "applied" ...not apples. iPhone typo!
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    Hi! This is a pretty late response but I got my interview (AC PNP) the week before the interview and had to do it over the phone since it was such short notice. I had pretty much given up! Did you end up hearing? If so any idea on when final decisions will be made?
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    Thank you for your response. I also got an interview and it was about 1 week notice also. I haven't heard anything yet from duke but I was told march decisions would be made. I am anxiously waiting!!! It's painful. Have you or anyone else heard any news about when decisions would be made?!
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    Hoping you will see this message and provide any appropriate feedback. I have my interview with Duke for BSN to DNP with the FNP specialty. I was wondering if your interview was in-person, phone or skype? I am going for an in-person interview (flying from the Los Angeles area) for a 30 minute time slot. I looked into the faculty I will be interviewing with, but was wondering what to expect in those 30 minutes? I have read past applicants mentioning interviews ranging from basic questions to review of application material, such as personal statement and e-portfolio. I am so excited to visit the campus and meeting some of the highly acclaimed faculty from the SON. Really hope you can offer some comforting insight.