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Hi all, I was waiting to post this until after I passed boards but I figured now better than never. I have no clue of what I'm doing or what I should be looking for in a new position as a FNP. I scared to death, literally. ... Read More

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    Hey reddgirl, I dont know how the market is down there or where the jobs could be. Could you teach clinicals for BSNs while you look? My friend does that along with working and the pay seems good .But keep trying and the right job will come your way. Good Luck!

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    Hi nitsarn! Yes I am teaching and looking for something either FT or PT. it's really bad down here in South Florida especially for new grads. I just keep praying and waiting.
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    What places are you applying too?
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    I have applied to about four major hospitals down here, plus some clinics and urgent cares. Even staffing agencies wont do anything because I have no experience. I have to get a job to gain the experience and the recruiter told me that no one is gonna take a chance and hire me! I stopped applying as I have gotten extremely sad and discouraged. Not even Walgreens or CVS was hiring!
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    Girl dont listen to that recruiter. The Devil is a Liar. You did not go through the entire program to Not be hired. You WILL be hired, dont let anyone put those thoughts in your head. Stay positive. Even though I know its discouraging but stay positive. Hospitals are harder to get into here as well. Get nice and dressed up and take your CV in to some of these clinics. Call the manager at CVS and see if they are accepting someone for a contingent position or if they are accepting volunteers. Talk to some docs on the Med surg units and see if they need a NP. There are lots of opportunities out there. And there is a ram in the bush for you. I know it!
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    Thanks for all the encouragement! I did have a phone interview with a recruiter from a nursing home as a independent contractor. I'm waiting on the call for the second interview. Wish me luck.
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    Good luck! Thats exciting
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    Thanks fingers crossed.

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