My first day Shadowing

  1. So I start my new job at a Family practice office on Tuesday. They asked me to come "shadow" a doctor for 4 hours yesterday so I can get a feel for the job. The doctor was so nice! So down to earth...and truly a God sent. We saw two patients together...then it turned into him giving me a prescription pad and having me go see half the patients by myself. He was very impressed with me and even offered me a second job where he is the medical director. I kept telling him I had some friends I graduated with that don't have jobs that would jump at the opportunity to work for his other practice, but he kept saying he wanted me because I am good . Talk about a sigh of relief!!! I was so anxious and so nervous..well I still am. But that lifted the weight of the world off of my shoulders. I kept checking in with him to see if he agreed with my A/P because I am so use to having a preceptor to do that with. He kept saying "your fine, you are fine!" LOL. He told the office manager I was good to go..I hope this doesn't mean I wont get an orientation when I actually start on Tuesday. I ended up staying the whole day and seeing half the patients.

    I can already see some "Improvement processes" I want to work on once I get the flow of things. The hardest thing is going to be knowing when to have patients follow up with me. Because I did all my clinicals at free clinics and we could have them follow up as much as we liked. Now I have to learn what the insurance company will allow and expects.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Sounds like a wonderful experience and hopefully this makes you feel a little more comfortable. It just takes time is all and sounds like the doc is supportive of you too - that in itself is worth a lot. Glad it went so well.