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MSN/FNP Scholarship/Grant

  1. 0 Hello. Anyone know of any scholarships or grants for MSN/FNP students? I just was accepted into the online FNP through Concordia Wisconsin. I am self-employed as a Nurse and will not have reimbursement. So I was hoping their may be some programs I could take advantage of at this time. Also if anyone has any opinions of the fore-mentioned University please let me know. Thanks
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    Hello, I am just curious what your experience was with Concordia and if you ever found any grants or scholarships? I am starting there this month in the FNP program and looking for scholarships as well and just some insight on the whole thing. Getting a little nervous!!!
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    I have had no luck with scholarships, seems only undergrad avail. I am not real sure but taking the dive into this program. I too am starting in the fall. This will be a huge financial burden for our family and some time. As I write this I am not 100% sure if this is the right choice for our family.
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    I have had some of the same feelings going into this but at the same time know that if I do not do this now, it will never happen. I wish you the best of luck!! Are you doing the online program?
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    Yes doing the online program. Also agree it is now or never as I am only aging!
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    I hear ya on that one!! I will have a kid starting college at some point during this program!! Yikes.
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    I to am looking for scholarships. I've applied to several thru a google search.

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