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MEIM(MBEIM) program

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    I wondering if anyone or a graduate student from Uconn-waterbury or storrs can give me information concerning how the class, clinical are scheduled? also, if i can gain a first hand of how many days i have to be in school? Do they usually do week-ends clinical? Indeed, i already had a bachelor in biology and i am considering a change of careers and would like to become either a Nurse Practitionner or Physician Assistant. Please Help!
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    I'm not familiar with this degree - can you spell it out? Thanks....most of us are plain ole MSNs.
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    Actually, the program in question is Master Entry accelerated nursing program at Uconn.Thanks.
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    Got it - what's the focus? ANP, FNP, PNP, ?
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    It will be either ANP or FNP.