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  1. I have been blessed and burdened with two very different job offers. I could use some advice...

    First job is working in a Med Spa performing Botox and dermal fillers. The main staple of that job is Hcg medical weight loss diet. Pay is good and non commissioned. Bankers hours of holidays and malpractice insurance coverage.

    Second job is in a prestigious oncology practice. I would be working directly with the positions in radiation oncology. The pay is the same as the Med Spa job benefits might be slightly better. I would have to relocate for this job approximately 2 hours away from where I currently live.

    My background is primarily adult and family practice. I have never specialized before and don't know much about either of those fields. I am also concerned about the controversy of using the diet hcg for patients.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   Deneb
    During my women's health clinical last summer, they were offering the hcg diet. My preceptor had done it and lost a lot of weight. I sat in on the initial counseling session, and was shocked to learn that besides the injections, (for $350), the patient is told to eat only 500 calories per day! (Seems that should be sufficient for wt loss in itself.)

    I was also dismayed to find that they were giving no LT advice on how to eat healthy. Possibly the diet works, but I imagine the typical patient will simply regain what she loses, if she isn't taught to improve her diet.

    The whole thing struck me as pretty sketchy. For what it's worth . . .

  4. by   nitasarn
    I agree with the PP, the thing I would worry about is the questionable longevity of your position for the hcg clinic