In-patient NP covering out-patient labs/refills/questions???

  1. I have just started a new role as a in-patient NP in the dept of urology (surgical service). For the past 3 years I have been doing clinic work so this in-patient stuff is a whole new world! So today I was told that I would be doing all the out-patient refills, lab results, phone triage etc. What! I am busy running around the hospital, when do I have time to call Sally about her labs and what the next step in her plan is? I have never even met Sally! The MD said, that's what "mid-levels" are for! Really, that stuff should be handled by the provider caring for the patient (in the clinic)!! Am I wrong for thinking that this should NOT be part of my role? This is a new job for me so I don't want to come across to too "No Way"!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hmm - if you cover inpt how the heck would you know what the plan of care is for the clinic pt?? I would tell the doc that I didn't think I could do a good enough job. I would offer to f/u on my own inpts though as a peace offering.
  4. by   Ktuite
    No kidding! Today along with taking care of consults and in-patients I have had to try and figure out the plan of care for patient's out in the clinic, renew thier meds and call them to answer questions. Patient's don't like it nor do I! I find this totally inappropriate. I have already made a bit of a stink about it so for right now I am just going to suck it up.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    This is a quality of care issue. I think I'd make a bigger stink.