help with nurse practitioner interview

  1. Ive got a presentation to do on "Within the role of Nurse Practitioner, outline how you hope to contribute and develop the care pathway for patients and their families from admission to discharge."

    I'm lost, it's for a surgical ward, any help would be appreciated.
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    are you serious?
  4. by   aprnKate
    Interesting....well I'm not sure exactly if you are FNP/ACNP. From FNP standpoint, I would just make sure you had H&P thorougly, labs, EKG, hx of taking prescriptive meds (i.e. if they are on coumadin...were they weaned or was there a dosage decrease prior to surgery) interview patients prior to surgery for hx of post op N/V (b/c if they had a hx of this then they may need a stronger antiemetic), allergy to anesthesia or other reactions. hx of recent valve replacement - may need to give antibiotic prophylaxis. Check if they had anything to eat and if so how many hours ago. Educate patient and families what to expect: how long does the surgery usually take, what to expect after surgery...patient maybe confused from anesthesia, what can the family do to help take care of the patient at home, s/sx of infection, what to watch out for, how to take medications, how to put on dressings at home if need be and follow up appointment. Pain meds - what to prescribe, when to follow up. How to progress to a regular diet once out of the surgery. ....those are the main things I taught patients and families when I was a PACU RN.
  5. by   aprnKate

    I was thinking maybe you could describe how you would be able to improve patient/family experience through education of the admission to discharge process. A lot of patient and families sometimes don't understand the details in the process. For example, when a doctor says the patient is getting discharge and the patient has to wait for a long time. THe patient usually does not know that the MD has to write discharge orders for discharge which can take time. So pts are always wondering why it takes so long and sometimes get irritated that they have to wait.