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Graceland University FNP program starting 2012

  1. 0 Has anyone else gotten accepted to Graceland Univeristy's online RN-MSN FNP program. I got accepted to start April 30, 2012 just wanted to see if there were any others out there. So that we could keep in touch.
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    Sorry I missed your question in another thread. Looks like you start today, so let me say congrats!
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    Thanks! yes today was the first day, basically trying to find out expectations, etc. But overall very excited!
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    How is the Program? I am extremely interested in this program: just would like current or past student perspectives.
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    Just completed my FNP through the full time track at Graceland University. Three years later, a lot of work, and 660 clinical hours, and I am done It was a lot of work, and takes commitment, but is possible. Plan out clinical hours early, contract with preceptors early, and do the assignments.
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    Pattyweb 3 years with full time track, why so long?
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    That's how the program is set up. I chose it so I would be able to focus more on what I was learning rather than get done quicker.
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    Look ahead at the MSN part of your program. Unless they changed it, it's 3 yrs full time or like 4 yrs part time.
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    how hard is it to get accepted? 3 years? why so long? Did you take full time hours? I already have my BSN and all general studies will it still take me 3 years? Wonder how many applicants they accept each quarter?
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    They admit three times a year, and accept 60 students a trimester. Deadline for summer is Feb 1.