Got a job offer but not in a clinical setting

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    Well I finally got a job offer as a FT RN/BSN faculty member at a local and upcoming college in my hometown which pays me $80,000 per year with benefits after 90 days and a 401k after 5 months of employment with paid time off starting day 1. Should I be happy?! I think its a start but I wish it was in a clinical setting. I just became certified and I don't want to get rusty with my skills. After numerous applications, this was the only company who returned my call and interviewed me the very next day! My classmates are also experiencing the same thing. These private MDs just don't wanna pay!! I live in South Florida and the market is horrible for APNs except in education which has all of a sudden picked up, especially in the private institiutions. I am way beyond frustrated! Did I go to school for nothing and accumulate all this debt?!
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  3. by   nitasarn
    You did not go to school for nothing, but hey you gotta work. I'm dealingnwith the same thing finding a job, Im hoping to go with the hospital that I work with now. It will be soo perfect. I'm finding that a lot of mds want a seasoned nurse practitioner, which I wonder they even have me interview. I think it's going to be a slow process. A classmate that I spoke with said that she talk with a recruiter in dec but didn't actually start the job until may. At least you can start paying ur loans with this job.
  4. by   reddgirl

    I would be going crazy but at least she was placed some where! Geesh, this market sucks! Im starting to get depressed with all of this. I am extremely happy to be leaving the floor but I really long to using my clinical skills. I guess one day it will all pay off.
  5. by   Dembitz
    How have you been looking for jobs? I'm a new grad as well, got a job offer in early October, start in January (13 weeks for credentialing!). I joined linkedin groups for NPs, checked craigslist postings, sent my resume to every recruitment agency I could find, and checked the job board on my state NP association website (in addition to looking at the big hospitals and private practices in the area). I eventually found my job through, and while it's a long commute and not my preferred specialty (I'm ANP and WHNP, would rather work in women's health), I'm excited about the people I'm going to be working with and their enthusiasm for teaching. I feel your pain -- I live in an area with lots of big, fancy hospitals and big nursing schools, so it's not easy in my area either. Would you feel ok taking this job knowing you might leave after a semester if you find a clinical position? Are there any volunteer positions available?
  6. by   reddgirl
    Im looking for at least a PD, PT, or even a volunteer something so I can put something on my resume. I was dying to leave my old job because of my certification and being held to the highest license that you hold in case something goes awry with a patient. It's a power struggle at my old job and I really got tired of all the political bologna. I actually walked up on some of the staff talking bad about APNs and about how much more money they make by working the floor, so I can only imagine that my name was thrown up in the mix as well. I just don't know what to do at this point. I like education because it offers more flexibility somewhat with holidays and weekends with family but I also long for a clinical job as well. I would like to do both PT so I could still keep up my skills.