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Frontier nursing university FNP class 121

  1. 0 Anyone else apply for class 121, fb in December? I'm anxiously waiting to hear from them.....
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    Hello! I've been following all the different FNU posts on this site for quite some time. The different posts have given me so much great information, so thanks to everyone! I am finally in the same shoes as many before me.....waiting to see if I'm in. I applied for CNEP Class 121. I have been an OB nurse for 18 years. I recently received my BSN. My kids are grown, and the time seemed right to move forward in my career. Good Luck skiernurse & to everyone else that has applied. I hope we get good news soon.
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    I have applied for 121 FNP. The wait has been very long and I can't believe that it is October! Here's hoping and praying!
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    I am hoping that we hear something in the next couple of weeks. Did the last class's acceptance letters go out at the 6 or 8 week mark before fb? I'm driving myself crazy!
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    I read on another post that Class 120 Bridge applicants will be six weeks out on Monday, and they still haven't heard. Some of Class 119 CNEP students heard in a little over 8 weeks. From what I've read, CNEPS typically get notifications first. The FNP's follow shortly after. Monday we will be 8 weeks out, and our 6 week point isn't till the 21st. Not that I'm counting, lol. I believe I am right there with you on the driving myself crazy thing. At least it's October and we are on the final countdown!
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    It seems like it has been forever since I mailed the application! I predict it will be closer to six weeks away from Frontier bound for the FNP class and 7 Weeks for the midwives. I agree with you all about the crazy waiting game! At least we should know by Halloween!
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    Looks like 120 has heard....We are next!
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    Yes we are! Oh my..............
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    One week of waiting news yet...
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    Nope, and I've become obsessed with checking my email.
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    Week seven, hopefully this week?
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    I also applied for class 121 and am patiently waiting I was accepted to class 116 this summer but had to defer a term and am now waiting to hear about 121. I received my notification this summer 7 weeks and 3 days before Frontier bound was set to start. So hopefully we'll hear soon! Can't wait to meet all of you at Frontier Bound
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    A response to a query of the Frontier Facebook page said "very very soon!" So maybe tomorrow? Here's hoping!