Frontier nursing university FNP class 121 - page 4

Anyone else apply for class 121, fb in December? I'm anxiously waiting to hear from them........ Read More

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    I keep searching, nothing coming up. Can you add me if I message my name?
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    I also posted a link on the Frontier University facebook page. Good luck in your search. We're on there, I swear!
    Quote from bluecash
    I keep searching, nothing coming up. Can you add me if I message my name?
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    Hello fellow Frontier CNEP Class 121 sisters....I am so excited to embark on this exciting journey and would love to network with some of you before FB so we can begin to know each other a little bit. I live in Arizona and I have been a L&D nurse for about 5 1/2 years. We have such a demand for CNM's in our state, especially out on the west side of the Phoenix Metro area. I belong to the Facebook Frontier CNEP students past and present, but I read on some of these earlier posts that there is a Frontier Class 121 FB page. Any chance that I can become a friend of this page?
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    I am also in the Frontier class 121 any chance I can be a friend of your Facebook page? My name is Yvonne Downs...TIA
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    I read through and saw that you were accepted. I am considering Frontier and wondered if you would comment on how you like it. I would appreciate any feedback.


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