Frontier nursing university FNP class 121 - page 4

Anyone else apply for class 121, fb in December? I'm anxiously waiting to hear from them........ Read More

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    Quote from skiernurse
    What was your GPA and back ground?

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    Quote from RuthieRN
    Accepted! See you all in December! Good luck!
    RuthieRN.. I was not accepted into 121. I was just wondering what your GPA and back ground was.
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    I'm coming from Southern Illinois. Thinking I will drive. It's about 6-7 hours for me.
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    I am so excited!!! Has anyone mentioned starting a Facebook page for our class?
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    I think a Facebook page would be great. ; )
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    I just made a Facebook page. Frontier class 121. Closed group so just send the request. See you soon everyone.
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    Thanks for creating the group. I'm looking for it, but not sure where to find it. Do I need to friend you first?
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    Found it! Do a search for groups with the criteria "Frontier 121"
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    FB page......Frontier Class 121

    moderator note: hot links to FB are removed as TOS
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    I keep searching, nothing coming up. Can you add me if I message my name?

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