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  1. Looking for advice on board prep. Do you prefer cd/book material or a live seminar?
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  3. by   RainieRN
    It depends on how you like to study. It's good to get a few different study guides, they are all different. I like the Fitzgerald study guide, it's very detail very content based. Each section has questions first, then it goes into that topic afterwards, kind of a way to test your knowledge first. I also have her CDs. She also has lots of supplemental materials especially for the new ANCC test (research, HIPPA, etc). I am a fan of Maria Leik's material. She has live courses only in Florida and webnair courses too. I took the webnair online class, it's exactly what she covers in her live classes. She tells you how to answer questions...to get them right. She is straight to the point: tells you what's going to on the test and what you should know for practice. Both gives you tons of questions. I also have a subscription for FamilyNPprep.com - Your #1 source for preparing for the Family Nurse Practitioner exam questions....the only thing is that you have to specifically chose between AANP or ANCC to study for.. you can get both but it's more money. You get to review your questions and if you get the questions wrong, it explains why. I like studing at my own pace so like having the material at my access. Personally, I think all authors covers the same thing, only in different ways. Maria Leik is very animated and she keeps your attention. Good luck!
  4. by   toasterboy85
    I took my boards in September thru ANCC. I took a live test prep thru Fitzgerald then about 2 months later APEA. I bought Leik's book on amazon and had it derived to my iPad. I would read it when waiting in lines, slow days at work, ect. Taking both tests is overkill. If you think about it, each time you renew it is that many more CEUs, fees, headache, ect. Almost all prep material out there will state they prep for one or the other... I think truth be told, any review will prepare you for either test. The practice I currently work at, the physician was giving me some advice that I will pass on. "Study and test. That is all you can do, keep emotion out of the equation. You have prepared for 2 years, written multiple research articles, test, clinical, ect. Just study and test." Hope this helps and good luck!!!
  5. by   nitasarn
    I chose home study review. I had the materials and I learn better that way, but I agree with PP its about how you learn best. Dont take both tests.
  6. by   RNOB
    She tells you what's going to be on the test? Does she know similar questions that will be asked? I just assumed it was like RN boards and you never know what you were going to be asked.
  7. by   RNOB