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FALL NP 2013 Admissions

  1. 0 Hey I was wondering who out there has heard if they have been accepted to any schools yet? I am currently waiting to hear from Univ of Colorado at Denver, Univ of Illinois at Chicago, Duke, Northeastern, and Oklahoma. I have applied to the FNP program at all of those schools.

    My top choice is Duke but I haven't heard anything from them yet. The wait has just been excruciatingly painful but just keeping my fingers crossed! Hopefully I will be hearing from them soon!
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    I applied to UCSF FNP program and I have been accepted for the Fall 2013 semester.
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    Congrats "Tofurn"! I got accepted to Duke's fall 2013 FNP program so I am very excited!! Good luck!!
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    I got accepted to Auburn's Primary Care NP program for Summer 13! Yep....a little over a month! :0)
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    Congrats nightangle!! That's awesome and good luck
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    I was turned down by one on April 10th and applied to another school on April 18th. I looked at Duke University, program - good program but expensive.
    We may not be talking about the same school - I am talking about Duke in NC.
    I have decided to continue to look at other programs because when you get turned down it is devastating. I am looking at the University of South Alabama - sounds like a great program and affordable. Good luck in your search for the right program. I am praying for all of the nurses that are going through this process. May God look down on us.
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    Congrats "Sbaxt1837" ! I am still waiting . I replied to your first post without seeing that you had been accepted.
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    I got accepted into the FNP Fall 2013 cohort at UAB.