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    I've been in family practice for 18months after being in a specialty for 6months after school. I've noticed in my practice I get nervous only at times when diagnosing & have not done the most basic things that I know better such not getting an EKG for someone with palpations although the CV exam was normal! I have wonderful colleagues but I also have be independent & I feel like I'm not where I should be...any feed back would be greatly appreciated, please be completely honest!

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    Have you done any CME, conferences? Do you network via your states APN organization? Do you have a mentor? How much orientation did you get? What specialty were you in for six months? And why did you leave?
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    I have done some CME, no conferences as of yet. I don't network with my local ANP organization, just haven't made time. I'm a mother of 3 small children although I have plenty of help with my husband so I may become more involved her soon. I didn't get an orientation although my pt load was slowly increased over this time frame. I don't have a mentor as an NP I had plenty as an RN in the ED though but it's not the same. My specialty was colorectal & I left because I worked with surgeons only no other NP to orient me & I felt I just didn't know what I was doing & I was able to transfer or primary care

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