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  1. by   Cardiology EP NP
    Hi! Cards, I tried to send you a PM but it wouldn't let me so here is my message.

    Trauma R us - yes I agree so I here is my message and if anyone has any questions, they can PM me also or post on this site. I really hope this posting prompts more people to break into the world of EP.

    Sure thing. No problem.I think it's a great idea that they are going to train you in general cardiology and transition you to EP. That's perfect as that will give you a overview of what to expect in general cardiology and being that EP is so specialized, it just makes a lot more sense to give you the basic cardiology foundation.

    I understand about the non-compete. That sounds reasonable. I have some experience with it but it sounds like you are in a good spot.

    How has your first week been? Are you overwhelmed? How are the people?

    Yes I am familiar with Chicago Cardiology Institute. I think it's a great group. I'm familiar with one of their EP docs.

    Yes please let's stay in touch! EP is a great field and I'm so happy to offer any guidance I can for people who are breaking into the field. It's an awesome field and there is so much to learn. It's never boring and the treatments that we can provide to patients are nothing short of amazing! You will feel so rewarded in this job. I can almost guarantee you that. I can't imagine doing anything else in my life. I love my job and I love working with EP patients.

    Yes, keep in touch! Let me know how your first week went. I would love to know more about it. And feel free to ask me questions. We can stay in touch and maybe exchange emails if you like.

    Take care
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  2. by   aevans88
    Hi! I am in the same boat as "cards" above. I am a new NP who started in EP appx 1 month ago. I am a strong believer in learning from your peers and this is a new position in the practice so the docs and I are navigating the structure of my position. Could I PM you or email you to pick your brain about the structure of your job? Also would like to find out what people working in the field are thinking about the shift to ACNP working in speciality areas as I do not have ACNP cert
  3. by   aevans88
    I am in the same boat, cards! I have 6 years CICU experience, brand new Adult NP. I have been nervous about the ACNP shift, but have contacted many people including my BON who say not to worry. Regardless, this job is a brand new position and I am not filling anyone's shoes. How have your first few weeks been? Are you clinic only or hospital based as well? I am doing clinic, hospital rounds, and EP lab.. hoping the variety will keep me on my toes Glad I found this board- I've been looking to find someone in the same shoes as me!!

    *was trying to post this in response to Cards but for some reason it's showing up down here... not quite sure why!*
  4. by   cards
    Hey EP NP!

    Sorry I hadn't even realized that there were more posts on this thread and then I got curious and checked today - was pleasantly surprised! I've been working there for almost three months now and its been going really well! I feel as though I've learned SO MUCH in just this much time but I've barely scraped the surface of EP. I have to constantly remind myself of how much I've learned when I'm frustrated with what I don't know -which occurs every day. For me, the devices and distinguishing between certain rhythms is the toughest. Devices are difficult to grasp for me so I spend a lot of my free time reading, I feel like it is a new language. I also did get some gen card training but not much because they transitioned me into the EP role quickly, but there are a few other NPs in the practice doing general cardiology so they are always a great resource for me if I have any questions and in some ways I've already become their EP resource so just goes to show what I've learned thus far.

    I'm mostly in the clinic now which is stressful on its own but the goal would be also to help with inpatient consults as well eventually, now that might be sooner rather than later.

    But the docs I work with are pretty friendly and easy to approach so I just keep asking all the questions I need too.
  5. by   cards

    My first few weeks have been great, a lot to learn. I would love to exchange my contact info with you so we can keep in touch and perhaps be a resource to each other! Are you also located in the Chicagoland area? How has your job been thus far? I'm curious to hear more about your structure as well, especially with what you do in the EP lab, etc.

    I sat in on some ablations, device implantations and things like that so I have a better understanding of what goes on but I don't know if there really is a place for me there. So far I just have been seeing patients in the clinic, and while they wait for me to be all fully credentialed with third party payers and etc I have just been kind of seeing patients along with the doctor and they sign off on my charts and we kind of plan together for the patient. I think very soon I will be seeing my own patients and signing off my own charts. And I believe in a few weeks-months (depending on how busy we get) I'll also be helping with inpatient consults, and just as soon as I get credentialed into these hospitals. For now, I'm milking my time with the docs and asking as many questions as I can.

    Oh and I'm not an ACNP either, I'm trained in Family. The other NPs in my practice, and many that I know who round in the hospital are also trained as adult NPs. As far as my state goes, I don't believe the law designates between ACNP, ANP, FNP, etc. Although I don't think it hurts to get certified w/ IBHRE eventually just to add more credibility to your on the job experience. Although that is a bit more in the future for me.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you
  6. by   traumaRUs
    I'm in IL and as of this date we don't even have a budget so doubt we get the Consensus Model passed anytime soon!
  7. by   Cardiology EP NP
    Hi Cards!
    Glad to hear it's going well in the field of EP! Yes you are correct in saying that's a new language altogether and it takes a long time to learn. I would highly suggest sitting for the IBHRE exam when you have a few years experience under your belt. I took the test and passed a few years ago. I learned so much just from studying for it. Aren't devices awesome! They do so much, not just pace and shock, but they are also tracking devices as we can assess for rhythms on electrograms from interrogation and so formulate treatment plans. I am also in Chicago and it would be great to keep in touch with you! I will try to send you a private message. Let's please keep in touch. I am familiar with many inservices in the Chicagoland area if you are interested. The world of EP is very small so the more people we can connect with, the merrier, I always say!
    Take care
  8. by   cards
    Hey Cardiology EP NP,

    I got an email saying you tried to sent me a PM but my inbox was full, I cleared stuff out so hopefully you are able too! I still can't directly send you a message but I will when I can! It is definitely a goal of mine to sit for the IBHRE exam, I think I'm going to start looking into resources to help study for that exam so I can learn while I study and then eventuuallly I will take that exam!
  9. by   CardiacEP-NP
    Hello everyone! I will be starting a Cardiology EP NP position within the next month. My nursing experience is from a cardiac step-down unit. I love cardiology, especially EP! I am really excited for my new career. I was wondering if you guys have any advice for me? Any professional groups that I should join? Any books that I should get? I am also from Iowa, so not too far from Chicago! I would be interested in hearing about any conferences that you know of. I look forward to hearing from you guys!