Anyone attending Graceland University FNP program Fall 2013?

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    Just wondering if anyone out there will be in Graceland's FNP 2013 class. I would like to establish contact as we start this journey.

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    I started in May. Congratulations on getting accepted. Applications were higher I heard. What course(s) do you start with? I started with Adv Pathophys
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    I am starting Graceland FNP in Sept 2013..I also would like to establish contact for this long and challenging journey.
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    Hi Caterina! I am Dotti and I am 14 days away from finishing my first class. What class(es) do you start with? I am in Advanced Pathophysiology. Glad to meet you.
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    Hello Dotti, nice to meet you. I will be attending an on campus orientation at Graceland on Sept 9-11 and they will go over a bunch of info, but I believe that my first two classes are research and BSN to MSN transition or something of that nature.

    Glad I am not alone in this journey.
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    Caterina, Nice to meet you. My name is Sharon and I guess I will see you in September. I am in North Carolina, where are you?
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    Hello Sharon,
    nice to meet you too. I live in Florida and I guess I will see you in September. Did you book your hotel already? I still have to do it and I was going to book one where I can meet people to go on campus with so I won't feel totally lost.
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    Yes, I booked my air, hotel and car the day I recieved my acceptance letter!! I am staying at the Drury Inn that was listed on the information they provided. I just left Florida Saturday, Santa Rosa Beach . It was beautiful!!
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    Awesome, I will be booking my flight and hotel tomorrow. I will pick the Drury Inn so maybe we can meet up there. I am glad that you enjoyed FL, I love it here!!!
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    Did you receive a letter via email or postal mail?

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