ANP vs FNP vs ACNP for ED?

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    I am interested in working as an NP in the ED someday and am wondering which degree would make the most sense. I'm not particularly interested in working with children, but I don't want to limit myself job-wise. What do you think makes the most sense? I live in the Boston MA area if that helps. Thanks!
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    When I think ED, I think acute care. I've looked at job postings in my area and some for ED require acute care NP degrees.
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    We have 2 FNP's here in my ER in TX. They must be able to see kids
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    I would look at job postings in your area and see what hospitals are requiring.
    I'm currently working in an ED and I did the FNP.
    I feel that the FNP prepared me for the majority of what I see at work.
    The other nice thing about the FNP is it leaves your options open to be able to work in most settings.