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ANCC FNP...any suggestions??

  1. 1 Hi,

    I'm taking the ANCC FNP in 2 weeks and I'm freaking out. I've been studying Fitz's NP Certification Exam and Practice Prep, Family and Adult-Gero Certification Exam Review Questions and Strategies and Leik. I also attended Fitz live seminar and I am studying from the book she had given out there. I find that the concise and to the point layout in the Leik is helpful. Does anyone have any study tips? I'll take all the advice I can get!

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    Since the ANCC is 1/2 clinical and 1/2 non-clinical, I heard the Fitz's non-clinical stuff is really good for that. Leik covers a good amount of clinical stuff that is covered in the exam. Good luck
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    RanieRN...thanks for your input. I went over some non clinical stuff from the fitz online slides. It's pretty useful.
    Any information you have would be if great help. I appreciate it. Thanks!! Good luck to you too.
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    Know how to talk to a patient, seems that ethics were highly concentrated on. Sounds like you have prepared well. Good luck. Keep us posted.