Advise from any Graduates from online NP schools

  1. I am a NP student going to an online school. I just wanted to know if there was any graduates from online schools. Did you have trouble passing boards and where you able to quickly get a job? Did you feel prepared for clinicals and prepared for the workforce? What are your thoughts on the possible DNP requirements? Do you have any Advise?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I did a hybrid program. Part online part classroom. No problem passing boards and getting a job either.
  4. by   NPinWCH
    I graduated from Ball State's online program in December. I just passed AANP FNP exam and have an interview lined up next week. I also have some interest from one of the offices I did clinicals in, though they don't have an opening just yet.

    I don't feel the online format was detrimental, but you MUST be very self motivated to study. Most of my classes were fair, basically I paid them to teach myself, some were excellent and two were horrible. It really depended on how much feedback and interaction the instructor provided.

    It was difficult to find preceptors at times, but we were able to use doctors, which gave us more options. For the most part, you get out of it what you put in.
  5. by   Boonce1
    Thanks for your 2> I will be sure to start ahead of time to find clinical preceptors. I am glad to know yhat you passed your exam how was it for you very hard or easy? Please let me know how the interview goes.
  6. by   NPinWCH
    I took the Barkley review course during my final semester and thought it was helpful. I also used the Fitzgerald review book and really enjoyed the layout. The sample questions were a good place to start, but I didn't really find them all that similar to the test questions.

    The test wasn't easy, but it wasn't impossible. There were only about 10 questions that had me stumped. The bulk of the questions required me to think, but I found that I could work through them. The rest of the questions were on things that I just "knew". Things I felt I had a good grasp of and knew the answers without needing the choices. The 3 hour time limit left me plenty of time to spare.

    Best advice I could give would be read the questions carefully and think through the answers.
  7. by   jlrobi
    I did SUNY StonyBrook online FNP program and did great. I totally agree with rninwch in that self motivation is extremely important. Many people flunked out early with the amount of self teaching involved. Passed the boards no problem and was working within just a few weeks of graduation. Got a job where I worked as an RN. Best of luck!
  8. by   Boonce1
    Thanks for all your comments that makes me feel better it seems like right now in the program we write paper after paper I did stop by an urgent care clinic that is open 7 days a week I am hoping to do my clinicals there
  9. by   lowrylb
    I graduated from Ball State also. I agree the online program was great. I just wish we would have gotten some type of lectures over the topics but it was mostly read these pages, do this assignment and take this quiz. However I have friends that did online programs that did have lectures and a little more normal structure. You do have to be very self motivated to actually teach yourself otherwise you won't learn it.
  10. by   PNP4KIDZ
    I graduated from the University of South Alabama's PNP program in December, 2007. I absolutely loved it and am planning to return to obtain my DNP. Online is so similar to in-class learning. We were forced to stay connected through threads, projects, assignments, etc. I absolutely loved it, and believed I received a very good education. I had no trouble passing my boards. I have 4 children, and loved the fact that I had a lot more flexibility. I had no trouble finding preceptors even though I live in the Midwest. I totally recommend it. USA is a phenomenal school and I could not have asked for a better education! If you are going back for your advanced practice degree, I would go ahead and do the DNP since all of the schools will only offer DNP programs by the year 2015. Best of luck!
  11. by   Boonce1
    I am in a FNP program now They are thinking about starting a DNP program maybe by the time I am done it will be up and running. I also love the online learning I can work and go to school and still make it to my kids baseball games and swim lessons