Advice on taking AANP in a few weeks!

  1. I still have a few more weeks of study left and I am still feeling unprepared! I have listened some to the fitzgerald and hollier audio cds. I also have the fitgerald and leik review books. I started taking questions this week out of the Zerwekh and Claborn books and I am not scoring too well. I am going to continue studying everyday, but I didn't know if anyone has taken this exam and has any advice, maybe on what materials they feel prepped them the best etc.
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  3. by   Tinabeanrn
    The books you have a perfect for studying for the AANP exam. Know your peds stuff if you are doing FNP, there are tons of peds questions. There was nothing on it that I did not learn in school. Everything that Leik says that is always on the test, was all on mine. That book was the most helpful. Know your order of what do you give for what and what if they are allergic to x, y and x. The books I used that were the most helpful would be Leik (helped me on so many questions) and Fitzgerald review cds and Amelie Hollier's comprehensive outline and study guide for FNPs. The questions are all clinical. If you had to take the HESI while you were in school, that is the test that mostly resembles the exam. I didn't do all that well with the practice exams either. I would get 70s and 80s. I passed the AANP with flying colors. Best wishes and I hope this helps. Its all stuff you learned in school. No trick questions. I only had one question that I had to completely guess on.
  4. by   fitchick20
    Thanks for your advice and support, I really appreciate it! I took and PASSED the AANP on friday! Woot Woot! So HAPPY!!
  5. by   Tinabeanrn
    Well thats awesome! Congrats to you! Now on to the lovely world of applying for jobs. best wishes : )