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Good evening, I am looking to go back to school in Spring 2012 in New York for an Advanced Degree. Recently in October the IOM reported The Future of Nursing. I read about 100 pages... essentially they want us nurses to have... Read More

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    I also think of college loans as well. It scares me to think that when I get out I will have possibly 10-100K student loans (depending on grad school I attend, if I can work FT or PT, my institution's reimbursement program, etc). Most likely I will be making 120K ish when I get out ni NYC (maybe higher).

    Then I have to think of a house, kids..... which I have none yet, but have been saving aggressively for a house since I graduated 3 years ago.

    I just don't want to be neck deep in debt!!!

    I really think the education is worth it though!