Newly Grad - Full Time ED nurse

  1. I am a new graduate, just began working at a Residential treatment center that provides services for substance abuse and eating disorder along with dual diagnosis mental health. I have been hired on as the Full time eating disorder nurse - I have filled in on the chemical Dependency side as well.

    I am very young (21) this is my first nursing job. I have always been interested in mental health so I am satisfied with my choice however I do question whether or not its the right thing. I don't always feel like I know what I should know as far as basics, meaning what I would have learned starting off on med surg floor.

    I think i do all right. Today I noticed that I struggle with consoling a saddened patient. I am sort of at a loss on how to educate myself on how to handle such situations. I know sometimes best thing to do is listen, and not talk. I just did not feel helpful to the patient today when sh was very upset witih her parents.

    Another thing is I have a group of moody tweenys. (pt in their twenties) Theyre kind ofboring, they dont want to interact or do anything ... makesz it difficult for me when I try to engage them in activ ities or conversation and they just coldy respond, if they repsond at all.

    i suppose I am venting, hoping someone out there understands or can advise me

    Thanks for your time!
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  3. by   Rohan8
    Time and repitition are the best teachers of skill. Unfortunately sonetimes we don't get the response that we want and all we can do is try our best. I imagine that a local community college would have some CEUs on theraputic communication. In fact if you ask your DON there may be some training available.
  4. by   Michizzle
    Very true...a coworker made a comment about this group of patients will teach me for the next group of patients and with time I will improve. Makes sense Just a lil hard on myself.

  5. by   Meriwhen
    I have to second Rohan8. Reading about ED and dual is valuable, but books don't always portray what your ED/dual patient is like. Experience is the best teacher for that, and you will find that you will learn something new--even if it's something small--with each patient.

    So don't beat yourself up too much (been there, done that myself). Focus on learning what you can wherever you can And definitely keep reading, taking classes, and doing what you can to improve your skills because it does help you!