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Just curious what other states and programs are using to detox their patients. I've heard of a lot of places using suboxone mainly. We switched to using a combo of valium, bentyl, and/or clonidine.... Read More

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    Quote from Topaz7
    For opiate w/d we use what we call the blue light special valium clonidine and bentyl.
    I like light special

    We would often use phenobarb in place of the Valium, particularly if the patient is to start suboxone down the road. Benzos and Suboxone are a nasty combination because they can cause severe respiratory depression. If buprenorphine definitely wasn't in their future, then we'd go with Valium.

    Yes, some doctors use benzos and Suboxone in combination, but that should strictly be under a doctor's close supervision. IMO it should be discouraged, since research has shown that many of the fatalities associated with mixing Suboxone and benzos came from patients attempting to self-medicate.

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    we call it blue light special because cina med protocol is on a blue sheet hehe. Yes we don't use valium if the pt is on suboxone either. Our docs try hard not to put ppl on sub though we di occassionally still get ppl on it. Also we use serax in pts with hx of liver damage/disease.

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