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Don't you just hate it when you are asked to do everything? Yes, you are the new person. Yes, you are just a student. What was the worse thing that anyone asked you to do at a learning environment? Click Like if... Read More

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    That is such a bummer considering you were paying for that experience. You should have gotten a refund for that day
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    I'm sure there are some nurses out there who probably do "abuse the privilege" of having students around, but I have never seen this by a nurse, and I never experienced it myself. Sure, I have had nurses ask the clinical instructors, "I have such and such for a patient, do yall want to do it?", and I have even asked them that myself. But that's a learning experience. Even if it's something you have done 10 times before, another chance at doing it is always for the better! Just because you've gotten to do it that many times this semester, doesn't mean you're going to do it any more during your program. You may get to cath 3 people in your 2nd semester, then never have the opportunity to cath again until you're graduated. Plus, every patient scenario is different. Any opportunity to practice ANYTHING can be a learning experience for a student or a nurse.
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    I have been privileged to be able to assist the nurses during clinicals doing everything that they do. I'm doing clinicals on a Spinal Cord Unit at a VA hospital. Many of our patients are quads and need total care and others are para's. This is just my first semester but I have done bed baths, measuring I&O's, suctioning tracks, watched PICC lines being inserted, bowel care, catheter care/ insertions, wound care, assessments and most importantly witnessed that nurses care about their patients. I have been asked by patients to do many things and that's OK. One gentleman, in particular, was a quad with severe contracture on all extremities. My nurse was charting and I took that time to give this gentleman a bath. He was happy to have someone give him a real bath (not just wipes). While doing his face, he asked me to brush his hair and put vaseline in it. Considering that I am not familiar with african american hair care, I explained to him that I needed instruction on what to do. He gladly gave the instructions. Before I left, he thanked me. Throughout the semester, I had the fortune to assist in his care. Other than learning a type of hair care that was different from my own, everything that I did for him, I did MANY times throughout the semester. BUT by the end, I was much more proficient and had a greater appreciation for life. Many of my patients can't scratch their nose if it itches.

    I understand that there will be patients that make what seem to be odd requests. There are 2 things that we can do, one... do it for them if they can't. And two.... if they are physically able, try to prompt them to do for themselves.

    We as students will graduate and still have alot to learn. Everything that we have the opportunity to do while in school is a gift. That includes the things that we are asked to do over and over again. Those will be the things that we will not feel totally inept at doing once we graduated.
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    I graduated in nursing school over the summer and now I am working as a nurse in a large hospital, I totally wish I did more skills back then because it definitely is hard being a new nurse doing a skill for the first time or not having done the skill many times. I'm less than graceful, especially when you're working on your own as a nurse. When you start working as a nurse in a hospital, you become more grateful for all the experiences.

    In the profession of nursing you're constantly learning... as a student or a nurse. Try and approach each experience as a learning experience that will make you a million times better the next time you need to do it =)
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    I think you're 100% true about students having to do everything and I really hate it when my instructor obliges me to do those silly ridiculous thing. Once there was a patient who constantly calls for the nurse to do let's say ordinary work because the patient is all alone and obese some how. So my instructor managed to let me answer her desires : first was the charger plug then reading that newspaper then answering several silly question not even related to her disease or nursing ! I really had a bad clinical experience that day. So I hope instructors or anyone who might care for nursing students please just give us things that we are going to do when we become RNs please !!!
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    awch im sorry for that You reminded me about my first tracheostomy care I did with the help of my instructor. The patient was in coma (stupor) and when i finished everthing and was heading to go for oral care of the patient. The patient coughed and sputum went directly into my eyes. Yes this was my worst clinical experience till this day ( i am a second year nursing student ) .
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    Students do everything because it's essential for the nurse to be able to provide total nursing care... because you may be working where there are no techs, CNA's, PCA's, whatever, to delegate some of those tasks off to. Better to learn that stuff early than have to do it later, on the job, and have to learn how to do it then. I honestly don't know what my worst experience with patients has been... many of them have kind of blurred together over the years. I've had pretty good patients to learn from while a student nurse. I've kind of lucked out on that.
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    You know..you may not realize it now but when you become a nurse..you will be ask to do many many silly and ridiculous things..that what being a nurse is al about..going the extra ile and not htinking that you are to good to do the little things