What to Do While Waiting for Acceptance Letter? - page 2

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You submitted your application and now you are waiting... don't fret many have been there. What are you doing or have done in the mean time? Networking? Reading? Research? Please share your tips below... Click... Read More

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    Just found out today I am officially off the alternate list and enrolled at EVC for spring 2013. A lot if people originally enrolled did not pass the TEAS V test so all the alternates were enrolled. I have spent the last 5+ years going night an weekend school while supporting 2 kids and working full time! I'm so excited all the hard work is paying off .. Sometimes the stress of getting in seemed depressing but I never gave up!!!! Good luck to everyone!!
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    Mines came 1 day early. I got the email notification on my phone and I went and jumped on my parents bed while I read my acceptance email. I was so excited!!! My first time applying and I got accepted. But I didnt cry like I thought I was. I shedded a few tears and started calling everybody to let them know!!!