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These days you gotta do whatcha gotta do to save money. Nursing tuition and financial aid is getting expensive! Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments below! Want... Read More

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    Well at least those students didn't have to wear white scrubs
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    Where I went to school they'd send us for clinicals sometimes 2.5 hours away. No help with gas either. We def. carpooled. But then again they also didn't care that we were up until 3 am doing careplans and had to be at clinicals 2.5 hours away at 7 am as well...
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    Heading to and from Clinicals in Nursing school.
    Carpools saved me bus/train transit!
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    That caryoon was too funny! I needed that humor, with fact the FASFA just email me that I meet some "six year term" and will now longer receive any financial aid except loans if needed. What a bummer. Thanks for the csrtoon I needed that.
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    i start in august too, are you nervous or excited?