29 Yr old Male with ADHD. Never been to college before, & also have a 10th grade EDU!

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Hello everyone...

I am 29/M/Cali and I am starting Junior College this coming up Aug 31st...

I have a 10th grade level of education. My math is at BASIC FRACTIONS... My English is also at the same level...

I have ADHD which is controled by RITALIN 20MG 3 times daily...

I am extremly fortunate to not have to be working for the next 4 years so I may complete my AA and complete the Junior College 2Yr RN program...

My problems are these,

1. Terriable with time management

2. Terriable with money management

3. Do not know the first thing about STUDYING

4. scared to death of going back to school

5. Highly EMBARESSED about returning to school

6. I do not know what options I have at my local school to assist me with my ADHD and the above stated issues I have...

Any suggestions, thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Thank you so much for taking your time to read my story...


connect with the ada counselor at the school you're planning to attend. because you've been out of school and didn't graduate the school will assist you with getting your ged first, which is what you're going to have to do to move forward. having said that, the school will provide you with a tutor, a note taker if necessary and extended time to take test. you may have to monitor yourself and set up reminders regarding when to turn in assignments, because now that you're in college; i don't know of any college professor that will take responsiblity for that. good luck to you.


First let me say Congratulations to taking your first step in Nursing. You will not regret it!

I would recommend connecting with a counselor and letting them know that you do have Diagnosed ADHD. From there they should be able to connect you with the appropriate resources. You will be just fine. Take advantage of all resources provided, you will need them. I too have ADD and 28y/o in a Full-time LVN program. Its is challenging at first but gets better. Be sure to get connected with a study Group(that will keep you on track). Buy an Organizer to keep track of everything. If you need additional info please contact me. Goodluck to you and Welcome.

ADD'ers are a special breed...lol

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