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Your advice sought plz

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Hi all -

I've been considering my career direction for the past year or so. After lots of research and thinking time, I decided that Psych Nursing would be a good move for me. Too many reasons to detail in depth here but it fits well with what I'm seeking. Moving from a business management environment, with lots of people focus and HR orientated activity, to a direct RPN role. Current negatives are lack of career opportunity where I am, high risk of short term work, periods of downtime and loss of earning potential, and some deep rooted cynicism about the work I have been doing and the people I do it for (seems pointless, ungrateful employers, etc). I'd like to enter a profession, where I'm qualified to do a specific, high demand, people orientated role. Would like to see the results of my efforts, in a team environment, and have longer term career and personal development opportunities. Union employment and good benefits are important as well as a decent living wage with good progression over the first few years.

My question is this.....to complete the training I need to borrow 2x my gross starting salary. This is due to my personal circumstances. I'm not doubting the value of this amount versus the return I would get, but in real dollars it seems a lot of money, yet as far as the debt being two years of my starting gross salary, it doesn't seem much for what could be a 20-25 year new career.

Ideas, input, and advice from anyone who's been in a similar situation would be very much appreciated. I'm in BC, Canada.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.