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I've been enjoying this Board for a little while and have picked up some worthwhile tips. I have just finished my BSN with a good GPA, started on a busy Med-Surg ICU, am studying for the GRE, and already have 12 years of various nursing experience. I will apply to three different local CRNA programs to start the fall of 2003. I'm getting a little jumpy about being accepted. The woman that was in my BSN program got into her program without a hitch, but she had a 4.0 GPA and 10 yrs ICU experience! She said the personal interview was important as they asked her things such as; How would she support herself while attending school?, Was her family supportive?, and Why did she want to become a CRNA?. Is there any other tips for things besides grades and ICU experience that could help a CRNA candidate, such as interview and essay tips that you old-timers could share?

Thanks for your help!

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