Yellow Ribbon Scholarship


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Has anyone received their Yellow Ribbon Scholarship or have used it yet? I'm used to the VA taking awhile to get the ball rolling. I just went to my Veterans Office at school and filled out all the paper work for the Yellow Ribbon Scholarship one of the reasons why I transferred to this school. I spoke to the schools Veteran Representative and she said that my pell grants and other grants that I will receive for school will be sent as a check to me since the scholarship will pay for tuition this year and all fees (about $28K). She also said that I will be getting a $1000 book scholarship this year and that will be sent to me as a check.

Does anyone know when this will happen, is it once classes start or before? I would like to buy books before classes start and not wait until after. I was on the Post 9/11 GI Bill before so this is the first time that I will be under the Yellow Ribbon program. I understand I will get a monthly stipend for housing as I received that with Post 9/11. Any information anyone can provide regarding how this scholarship worked for them would be appreciated. I know it's only a year old and is a little confusing to understand.