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a 90 year old fire cracker


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i was the tech for this 90 year old patient that was in for a colonoscopy . she was told to drink go lytely and was handed a huge jug of the solution . you have to see the whole picture , here is this frail , spitfire of a woman that was not going to drink that whole jug of solution to have the precedure done. about halfway through i asked her if she could possibly drink a little more. well that was all it took and she grabbed that heavy jug with those tiny arms and flinged it into the closet yelling "you wait till i see that stupid doctor , he can just forget it , and if he even tries to make me drink anymore i will make him drink it " lol

i was laughing on the floor

the daughter came in and calmed her down for a min

and had her drink one last glass

she was already full , and her bowles were doing there thing all at once !

she took one last sip and her daughter accidently spilled the rest on her gown

and she looked up at her and yelled

"what are you trying to do baptise me ?"

i had to leave her room i was in stitches lol :chuckle

i had to say thanks. that was the funniest thing i've heard all day :)


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that funny, i can just picture it

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