New Point System at LCCC

  1. I was just wondering if anyone else out there is applying for Fall 2016 class. If so, what have you heard about the new point system (it now maxes out at 180). The am wondering what the cutoff is.

    The old point system was 120 with a cutoff generally in the 70's. But, it sounds like the classes used to be larger also.

    Any thoughts?
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  3. by   steffimiesha
    yea and I applied. I applied with 102 points, they are still only accepting 40 students and they are now giving bonus points for Bio, chemistry and stats which you didnt need before, they are trying to coincide with UW bsn program. From people i know that applied with me they have between 96-100 points.
  4. by   jhutchi8
    I've been really worried about this new point system also! Especially cause the bonus section isn't actually bonus.. I applied with 118 points and I'm really getting worried about how many people they will be taking and what the cut off will be now with the points higher now :/
  5. by   steffimiesha
    letters are in today!
  6. by   steffimiesha
    letters are in today!
    and i got in with 102 points if that helps.
  7. by   jhutchi8
    Oh gosh I haven't received mine yet! Good luck to everyone though!
  8. by   steffimiesha
    Quote from jhutchi8
    Oh gosh I haven't received mine yet! Good luck to everyone though!
    Are you in Cheyenne? You will probably get it tomorrow
  9. by   jhutchi8
    I live in Laramie but it's actually going to my house in Colorado! So hopefully tomorrow I'm excited that you got in! Congrats!
  10. by   steffimiesha
    Yes I'm sure that's why! You had a ton of points [emoji5]️
  11. by   jhutchi8
    Thanks! Are you living in Laramie or Cheyenne?
  12. by   steffimiesha
    I live in Cheyenne
  13. by   jhutchi8
    Great! Well I'm sure we'll meet!
  14. by   steffimiesha
    I'll pm u