Getting into a nursing program in Cheyenne

  1. I moved to Cheyennne eight months ago and started my pre requistes at LCCC. I was just wondering how hard the program is to get into. I know they do it by grades and a point system (My gpa is ok. I have a 3.0 because I decided to take a 5 credit math class along with two other classes at the same time). I was just wondering if anyone got rejected the first they applied or if they got in right away. Did you take all the prerequistes before applying or just some? I have four classes left after this semester and can only take two online this spring since I am due with my second child in Janurary. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
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  3. by   lmlong57
    hey Jamien,

    With a 3.0 you have a pretty good chance. I'd reccomend taking as many prereq's as you can before you apply and study for the TEAS test. They used to have the NET test, which was much easier than what I've heard from the TEAS. So keep up on your science and math. Also, if anything try to take your physiology and microbiology BEFORE you start the program. These classes will take alot of your time and the nursing program will take everything else. The point system cutoff varies from semester to semester. When I was accepted the cutoff was at I think 75 points. But I've heard of it being much lower during other semesters. If I were you, I'd fill out an application now, (even if you're not applying) and count up your points and then go from there to see how many more with the classes you have left can you get.
    Hope this helps!
  4. by   jamienR
    Great thanks for the info!
  5. by   corruagtedfish
    I'm a LCCC grad. Unless things have changed, their applicant selection is based on a point system and the NET. State residency, prerequisites, NET score, and grades are all assigned point values. You probably have a good chance with a 3.0 average, especially if you have completed some or most of the prereqs.