Written scenarios for OR Fire Safety drill


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We are going to conduct an OR Fire Safety drill in 3 weeks. I was wondering if anyone had any written scenarios?

Also, just wondering, if in your hospitals, the circulator nurse includes a "prep is dry" statement as part of the time-out?

Appreciate any help you can give me.



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We did a fire drill/evacuation of our OR early this year, which went quite well actually.

Sorry, we pretty much winged it. We had already had two classes on what to do with a surgical field fire, sweep the drapes off, etc.

So I just set up a generic fire scenario, and let them walk through it in real time.

We did the whole thing, unlocked the table, anesthesia bagging the pt, evacuation , the whole thing.

Sorry. But, my suggestion is not to get too carried away, especially if they are not used to thinking down this road of fire extinguinsh/evacuation.

Sort of walking before you can run type thing.

Some people really don't grasp some of the aspects of this. I had one argue about sterile technique vs evacuation. Hard to make them understand that sterile technique is out the window. We are talking about saving lives now!

You can always be more fancy as the staff gets into it.


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