Writing Personal Objectives


Hi all,

I already posted this under the oncology specialty but thought that more people would see it here...

I am starting my community rotation tomorrow on an oncology/hematology unit. My instructor just requested that we write 2 personal objectives and explain how they will be met. We will be giving this to our preceptor on the unit.

To be honest, I have NO IDEA what objectives I'd like to meet! It may sound bad, but I just don't know what to expect. I've never worked on any unit like this nor have worked with a patient who has cancer. I chose this as my #1 choice for community for this reason. I wanted to challenge myself in a new setting with unfamiliar diagnoses/situations etc. But when it comes to writing 2 objectives... I am drawing a blank? Any help would be greatly appreciated from you experienced RNs. Maybe just giving me what a day in the life of an oncology entails would be helpful, tasks you perform, things that I can build objectives around to further my knowledge. Thanks!