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:confused: Well...I am sitting here at my desk..trying to configure my Career Report on CRNA's!! I am a Nursing student with my goal being set on obtaining my Nurse Anesthetist degree. Can anybody help me on what type of continuing education is needed and how often it is needed after they become CRNA's? I am having a heck of a time finding these!!!!

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Continuing ed is a requirement that varies by state. I am now in Illinois, and need 40 hours of CEU's every two years. When I looked at a job in Mississippi, they refused to include an education allowance, because Ms did not require CEU's. I think the standard for recertification is 40 hours.

Kevin McHugh


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How is it going in Illinois? Do you have your life back?


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Thank you so much!! You have been a great help!!!


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The AANA requires 40 hours every 2 years for recertification as a CRNA. AANA was the first nursing group and first anesthesia organization to mandate continuing education. Go to for more information.

By the way, the requirements for anesthesia continuing education are over and above what is required for your nursing license, which varies state by state.

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yoga crna,

thank you so much!



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Kevin, How's it going in Illinois? Did you have a good, easy move? Have you started your new job yet? How do you like Illinois? Nice to have you back, Kevin!


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