Writing essay to help obtain scholarship. Need some Help


Hi everyone! im new to this..

I am applying for a scholarship to help me pay for nursing school...this is my very first scholarship that i will be applying for and i am very scared and nervous. I am required to write an essay.. can anyone give me any ideas?


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I don't mean to be disrespectful, but the scholarship committee wants to evaluate you, not a bunch of strangers on the internet. It should be your idea. What are you passionate about?

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Find out who is funding the scholarship and what the goals of the scholarship program are. Tailor your essay towards their interest.

For example, if they are most interested in funding students from financially impoverished backgrounds, then emphasize how hard it has been to pay for school up until now and how much their scholarship will help. In such a case, the most deserving poor person who can garner a lot of sympathy will probably win.

If the scholarship's purpose is to ease the finanical burden on outstanding students so that they can focus on doing brilliant things in school ... then your essay should demonstrate your ability to be successful -- and includes examples of your past outstanding work and leadership.

If the scholarship's purpose is to help students from a certain region, or interested in a certain specialty, etc. -- be sure to emphasize those things.

Step 1: Find out the goals of the scholarship program

Step 2: Identify those things about YOU that match the purpose of the scholarship.