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WOW! just moved to AZ BANNER Q's


Hi everyone!

I just moved to Glendale and hit up Estrella CC right away. I was advised to consider the Banner program which sounds AWESOME!!

Now, I have to say that maybe I didn't get all the info but I think the cutoff is July for Banner applicants...is this correct?

How soon do I need to take my NET or TEAS test?

Which leads me to my next question...after reading on here I see that they may do away with the NET, have they come to a decision?

Do any of you know what that is?

DO I go bananas and study both?

When would be the absolute latest I can test to be considered for the program before the cut off?

I would have asked all these questions to the adviser but I didn't know them until after getting on here , lol

I am ready to begin Summer semester but I am not sure if there is a class starting then

Any info on the testing would be great! I know there are already threads which I am in the process of reading but just in case no one has asked this one, how long do you feel is sufficient for studying for the NET or TEAS?

Where I moved here from they didn't ask you to take these tests so it is all new to me.

I apologize for all my many questions but I figure, might as well get em' all out there and see who has some answers :)

Thank you guys!


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First, you need to go to an information meeting at Gateway College regarding the Banner program. Look on the Banner website for the info. You must have your pre-reqs done and be on the waiting list at a Maricopa Community College before you can apply. Don't know anything about the NET vs. Teas. Right now, you need to have taken the NET to apply. The cohort at Estrella starts in October. There are books that help with studying for the NET.


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ASU is switching to the TEAS because the company that distributes the NET was just bought and the new owners do not want to continue on with the NET. If this is true, then the changes will take place everywhere. It's probably best to talk to an advisor before studying for either the NET or the TEAS.

Same goes with the rest of our questions. I spoke with an advisor in July, only to call back and ask about the NET/TEAS situation and be told that so much has now changed that I need to speak to an advisor again. What someone may tell you here is what applied when they last spoke to an advisor. It's best to get the most up-to-date information by going to the source, IMO ;)