1. Hello...I have gotten into the WEB WOC school. and i am so excited! I cannot wait! but now I am stuck. i am looking for a preceptor. how do I go about finding that? I am now where close to the school...I am pretty much across the country. how do go about finding a preceptor to get in all my hours of clinical time? I am taking the full scope of will need at the end total of 150 hours? I live in the northwest? any suggestions on how I can go about doing this? and anyone else in this program? and how did this go? I am so excited..I start Jan excited!!!!
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  3. by   KimT08
    The easiest thing to do is to call the largest hospital near you. Most all large hospitals have a wound care nurse. You can either ask if they have a wound care center or ask to speak with the wound care nurse. You should not have any trouble finding a preceptor if there is a large hospital near you. I wish you lots of luck and congratulations!
  4. by   WV_heart_RN
    go to that is the society for wound ostomy and contience nurses. They have a listing of all the nurses around the country. You could contact from that list. On that website there is a list of preceptors and what programs they precept for but I am not sure how to navigate to it. I was in the members sections when I saw it.

    I would recommend you join if you are going to be a WOC nurse. I went through WEB WOC. THey will ask to join too. Good luck in the program. It moves very fast!