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  1. I am a WOCN student, working for a hospice while I study for the wound care cert. I have a paper, which is the first for the course. I have the requirements below. We are not to repeat back the assessment, but provide what other questions and assessment we would do in this role. To me, it seems like it will be quite monotonous, like " I would assess history of previous ulcers, assess nutrition, etc". I have been taught that this is poor writing. My question is the wording on this. Would it be prudent to request examples of other papers even if they are different assignments to get an idea of what she wants? I have taken graduate level courses toward my MS in education, so I don't know if I am overthinking with the whole way they graded or what. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

    I have a scenario as follows: Mr. Brown is an 80 yo gentle man with COP and Parkinson's. He lives at home with is 78 year old wife. He recently has had several falls and spends most of his time in a recliner chair. He refuses to sleep in his bed. He in on continuous oxygen. The home care nurse consults the Wound Care Nurse as he has developed pressure ulcers. He has a 3x3 cm superficial open area in the coccygeal area with 90% pink granulation tissue, 10% slough andminimal amount of drainage. On his right heel, he has 1.5 cm intact serum filled blister. The left heel is red with a 2.2 cm nonblanchable area. The following criteria must be included in order ot achieve apassing grade.
    1. Pt physical assessment and medical history
    2. tx plan
    3. id products/devices used and rational for use:
    -wound care
    -pressure redistribution
    4. develop a pt teaching plan
    5. id desired patient outcomes
    Style and format
    list of references (use the required reading)
    typed, double spaced
    clear, concise language; correct spelling
    maximum length: 4 pages
    Provide your answers as the CWOCN consultant, DO NOT REPEAT BACK The provided assessment, but what other questions and assessment would you do in this role. FOllow the grading criteria 9on the next page) to successfully complete this assignment.
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  3. by   DillyRN1588
    I too am doing a WOCN home study program (I think the same exact one as you) since this is one of the case studies I am currently trying to work on. I have emailed the program director for some guidance & assistance because I was also confused as to what we were really supposed to be including. I think I too may be over thinking things. I see you posted this back in August so by now you are probably almost done! Did you ever ask them for some examples of what they were expecting? How did things turn out? Any guidance or information would be appreciated! Hope you are enjoying the program!