Returning to work and want to get into wound care nursing

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    I've been home with my son over the past year (he's 2 now) and I'm ready to go back to work but would like to get into wound care nursing. At my last couple of nursing jobs I had some exposure to wound care and would love to get certified and further my nursing career in this direction. Any advice out there on the best way to approach this? I'm currently completing my RN-BSN on-line and will be done this fall and I know that the BSN will be helpful since I currently have ADN and have had difficulty finding ANY job let alone in wound care. I appreciate any advice and feedback. Thank you
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  3. by   mommy.19
    Go straight to WOCN school after you have your BSN.
  4. by   rvjack
    Hi there!
    I was sorta in the same boat. I had my daughter and went back to working on the floor but the schedule did not work for our family. I am currently working a phone nursing job (same money - three 12 hour shifts and no holidays/weekends/nights)...its kinda like being a stay at home mom (but not as fun). I wanted to still build my clinical experiance and have always wanted to be a WOCN so I enrolled inthe WebWOC program. It is 100% online except for clinicals and was great....I just got hired as a WOCN PRN by my preceptor (can't leave my current job as they paid for school)... so my recomendation...get your BSN and go right into an online WOCN program!
  5. by   americanTrain
    I agree with the others, get your certification in wound care. Im not sure with a BSN if you have to have the hours or can just take the class. AD RN's have to have 2 years of full time wound care experience before taking the course and test. I started out slowly as a DON and did all the wound care in my facility, then went to full time wound care nurse elsewhere

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