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  1. Hi, I'm a nursing student and have been given the opportunity to shadow an ostomy/wound care nurse for a day. (yay!) I'm reading your permanent links below but I was wondering if there are any other good resources for an overview that you could reccomend. I'm currently a CNA in a hospital float pool and have also worked in LTC, so have learned some about pressure ulcers and stomas but would love to learn more from a 'nursing assessment and intervention' perspective before shadowing next week so that I can notice more things and ask better questions. My first degree (former life) is in biochem so feel to reccomend technical resources! Thank you and I look forward to learning more about this specialty.
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    Where to begin? There are a multitude of sites geared toward wound care education, but I feel the most structured and likely easiest for a scientific mind to understand are here: Global Wound Academy .

    Also, here is a site that has many great CEU's/webinars on hot topics in wound care Symposium on Advanced Wound Care | North American Center for Continuing Medical Education . The SAWC is a conference held twice per year, I've been there once and definitely intend to go many more times. Hope these help!
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    Thank you!