Pressure Ulcer Present on Admission

  1. Looking for some clarification. I know that if a PU is POA then there is reimbursement for treatment related to the PU, and I understand that if a PU developed while a patient is in the hospital there will be no reimbursement.

    Can anyone tell me how this is effected if a PU gets worse and progresses to another stage (i.e. patient came in with a stg II and it progresses to a stg III)? Is this PU still considered POA?

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  3. by   CWONgal
    If the patient develops a hospital acquired PU and it turns into a stage III or worse the hospital is expected to cover the costs of all related treatment to get the area healed. We audit so many things to identify whether or not the PU was preventable, most often there has been something overlooked (ex. amt of time/positioning in the OR, time in the ER, blood sugar levels, nutrition - ex. were the supplements ordered given? Documented? etc.). Not all PU's are preventable but most are. Family members are going to want to know you are doing everything you can to prevent the progression and just because it was POA doesn't mean it can't be a potential lawsuit later on. As an example if you have a stage II and discuss this w/ the patient and family and then it progresses you can rest assure they will tell you if standard PUP nursing interventions weren't implemented.