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  1. Hi all!
    I am pretty spankin' new to the WOCN world. I am the one and only WOCN for my hospital so I have literally have no one to ask questions to. Anyway, I have a couple ostomy patients coming in for appointments next week and that has prompted some questions that maybe your expertise can help answer.

    -What ostomy supplier do you guys typically refer your patients too after they are discharged home? I understand that this won't help me if you refer to local places, but if you use any of the major suppliers (Edgepark, Liberty, etc.), which one do you use?

    -Do the patients require a prescription of supplies needed in order to get supplies after discharge?

    -What sort of information do you give ostomy patients before their discharged? A sheet of instructions on how to change a pouch, what to do about skin irritation, etc.?

    -Any other tips to better assist new and old ostomates? I'm only a tad overwhelmed!
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  3. by   CWONgal
    I provide a list of companies that offer some sort of secure start program where the patient can obtain samples. We use Hollister however I encourage them to check out the other companies because they may find something else that works better for them. I give the patient the list of supplies used. The provider will complete the script and if they get home health they assist the pt with ordering. I let patients know they can use a local supplier or a company like Edgepark. Most patients I have found don't want to go run downtown to get supplies. They'd rather have them delivered. Some pts have to use the company recommended by their insurance. Do you do stoma site markings? You should be teaching the patient...explaining the surgery, type of ostomy, how to put on a pouch, how to protect the skin, etc. WOCN has a guideline for teaching and great literature on skin care. I could go on forever. If you'd like, send me your email address and I'd be happy to help you!